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Criminal Law & Misdemeanours

Our services include the following areas:  

Private Individuals 

Criminal defendants oftentimes feel helpless against police or prosecutors. Therefore, at the outset of any criminal investigation, defendants should always seek to contact their criminal defence attorney before making any statements to the police.  Our attorneys advise in regard to all aspects of criminal law including, in particular:

  • Traffic violations and misdemeanours such as accidents, DWI, DUI, illegally fleeing an accident, illegally fleeing an accident scene, withdrawal of driver’s licence, dangerous driving, failure to provide due assistance (illegal in Germany), speeding, unauthorized or illicit use of vehicles;
  • Crimes against property such as fraud, theft, blackmail, conversion or embezzlement;
  • Crimes against persons such as crimes involving bodily injury or death;
  • Drug-related offences;
  • Computer and multimedia crimes (e.g. identity theft or making illicit copies);
  • Youth offences including all offences involving minors up until the age of 18 or young people up until the age of 21 years old. 


Victim Representation

As the victim of a crime, people are sometimes confronted with dealing with the police or prosecutors for the first time. It is therefore often advisable for victims to engage an attorney who, through sound counsel and active participation in the criminal proceedings, can provide support in the following areas:

  • Help in regard to formulating criminal charges against the offender and filing these with the police or competent prosecutor;
  • Information and support during the entire criminal investigation (for example by gaining access to criminal files);
  • Advice in regard to available legal means should the criminal proceedings against the offender be suspended or terminated; 
  • Civil actions ancillary to the criminal proceedings; and 
  • Enforcement of civil claims such as restitution and monetary damages.

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